Well, This Explains a Lot about JNT.

John Nathan-Turner was always a controversial feature in Doctor Who fandom.

He was a fan himself, and it always seemed like he must be awesome for the show. However, it was noticeable that he rode the show into the ground, and that a lot of people who’d worked on the show didn’t have a good word to say for him. Not even in a fakey entertainment industry way did they speak well of him. It made one think.

Well, as the years go by, we’ve learned a lot more about JNT being a big fat jerk. But apparently he was also a jerk who hit on underage male fans. More troubling, it seems that Gary Downie (another long-time show employee) actually was known for committing sexual assault on male fans and employees of the show. So yeah, you can see where that wouldn’t lead to a happy show.

This sort of thing is very disappointing. It reminds me of some of the more sordid casting couch bits of the original Star Trek’s behind the scenes culture… but worse, because at least Roddenberry was exploiting adults.

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