Progress Report on the Book

Amazon said it was okay for the translation to go live, but by then I’d figured out that I’d forgotten a few things. So I corrected ’em and uploaded the book again. (Added some explanations, checked the bibliography and added some reference materials, etc.)

I have now done this three times, and they were all important. But now it is time for me to step away from the book and let it go. Seriously.

So yeah, if you go on Amazon and look for the book right now, they’ll let you download it to your Kindle. But it’d be better to wait till this evening, when the bibliography is fixed. I’ll let you know when that version’s up.

P.S. I translated it under the name “M.S. O’Brien.” Not because I’m ashamed of my gender or my name, but because there are at least three people writing under the name “Maureen O’Brien,” and one of them is the famous Doctor Who actress/bookstore owner/mystery writer. Therefore I had to do something different, and I’m the only M.S. O’Brien on Amazon at present.


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