The Boston Marathon Murders

How dare they.

I am so angry right now, and ever since I heard.

The terrorists were so low to do this — to ordinary people from around the world — to people who just want to train hard and run hard, without any reward!

To do this — in the cradle of freedom!

But then again, they were such fools to do this — in the middle of a city of hospitals, a brisk walk away from where the finest trauma teams in the world are open for business, where so many people they wanted dead will be gloriously snatched away from death.

Boston is in many ways a sleeping giant. It is full of people who would be very bad enemies, if they had a reason to fight. I’ll be interested to see what happens.



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2 responses to “The Boston Marathon Murders

  1. Your final sentence brought this apparently-indestructible guy to mind:×471.jpg “Don’t make Boston angry. You wouldn’t like Boston when it’s angry.”

  2. I hope you’re right.

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