Bought a Rice Cooker

It was on clearance at Walmart for a little less than $12.00. So my love of automatic gadgets which appear in anime overcame my extreme cheapness. The good bit about a rice cooker is that it makes proper Japanese rice without having to stand over the stove, stops cooking it exactly when it’s done, and holds it warm until you’re ready to eat it. (Thus saving Japanese culture.) You can also cook “hot springs eggs” and other treats in the rice cooker, if you know the right settings.

There’s also a vegetable steamer that comes with, and a rice paddle for getting the rice out, and a measuring cup, and a removable pot for the rice with the water measurements right on the side.

Made jasmine rice to go with my Indian food tonight. Very good. (Although really, I need to get short-grained Japanese rice, like Calrose, to get the full value.) The steaming done by the rice cooker definitely sucks out a lot of water from your rice. Some of the jasmine rice actually ended up almost crispy. Apparently you’re supposed to use more water for a long-grained rice like jasmine rice, or for a thick rice like brown rice or wild rice.



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5 responses to “Bought a Rice Cooker

  1. I LOVE our rice cooker– Dear Husband bought it when he was spending a lot of time activated; between that and finding a place that sells Japanese curry blocks for cheap, I’m in love. (I also find it awesome to set up the rice in the morning, set up the curry at noon in the crockpot and turn it on, and then turn on the rice an hour or two before dinner and have it all turn out!)

    Plus, you can freeze a serving in those simi-disposable sandwich containers and they reheat great.

  2. You get used to the amount of water you need when using your cooker for different types of rice. It becomes almost automatic as you wash your rice and then fill it with the amount of necessary water. But it takes some experimenting at first!

    If you do cook brown rice, it’s a little tricky. The high end rice cookers cook them well, but lower end ones need some adjustments (more water, longer cooking time, etc.).

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