Castle Computer Game Plagiarism??

Okay… maybe it’s just an in-joke… but in the visual clues for the new hidden object tie-in computer game, Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, bookblogger and local newspaper reviewer “Jenny on the Book” has one of her book reviews quoted in full as the text of a fake book review by a game character. (Actually, two different ones.) And I guess it’s technically not plagiarism, since they include the entire text of this review, right down to the URL for

This is particularly weird since the game character/book reviewer is a guy with a wife, and the text of the review talks about the reviewer’s life as a woman with a husband. Yeah. Also, the game demands that the review be scathing, while the actual text they use is kind and flattering.

Soooooo why are they ripping off this blogger? Laziness? Inability to look up the text of “Lorem ipsum”?

And no, “Jenny on the Book” is not listed in the game’s credits.

Btw, the game also rips off the text of Hyperion’s copyright notices from the inside of their books, which is amusing because the Castle “Nikki Heat” tie-in novels are not published by Hyperion. Tactless, guys.


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