Hurray! A New St. Albert the Great Translation!

This is great! Look at this beautiful new scholarly translation of St. Albert the Great’s book on the Valiant Woman chapter of Proverbs!

Seriously, it needs to have more exposure, and having Dominican scholars do it is particularly fitting and cool. You WILL ENJOY reading this book. You will remember its points and find them useful. And there are pirates.

Also, you can buy the paperback now on Amazon’s CreateSpace, or on Amazon.

You can also buy the Kindle edition.

And yes, it’s kinda sad not to have had the chance to finish my own translation, but them’s the breaks in scholarly life and publishing. And yeah, probably God’s will to have somebodies better qualified take on the job.

Anyway, it’s a sweet, sweet book and a pretty loving medieval Scholastic take on us ladies and the Church, so take a look! If you don’t have a Mother’s Day present yet, you can stick this on Mom’s Kindle!

Also, there are pirates.


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