Chris Hadfield’s Music Video of “Space Oddity”

At this point, Hadfield is definitely living the filker power fantasy.

Here’s a video put together by him and his brother, which apparently tickled the heck out of David Bowie.

Note the actually-pretty-daring stunt with the guitar. Wouldn’t have been pretty to kill your guitar when you’re up in space. It’s probably not the first time anybody in space has sung the song (a lot of astronauts and cosmonauts sing and play), but it’s definitely the most stylish!



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4 responses to “Chris Hadfield’s Music Video of “Space Oddity”

  1. How about having your Stradivarius crushed while on the Moon?

    Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that. (It’s in part 13 of the Saga… coming soon!)

  2. Nooooooo! Vacuum or no, people would hear the screaming from Luna to Pluto! (Well, if it is to give its life in a good cause, the man from Cremona wouldn’t be upset with you. But just having a regrettable accident… ow!)

    Btw, did you see Chris Hadfield’s Larrivee-guitar-factory-visit video talking about astronauts/cosmonauts’ experience of playing guitar in low gravity? He talks about how disconcerting it is to feel less gravity on your arm and on your fingers on the frets, so you have to be more precise about actually touching/pressing the frets and relearning technique to suit. Also having to have your feet hooked or tied onto something, but that I pretty much assumed. Anyway, I realize guitars aren’t exactly the same, and the Moon has a lot more gravity than the space station; but being careful to adapt to lower gravity by pressing your fingers correctly on the violin neck would presumably be a concern. (I don’t play violin at all, but that’s my assumption.)

    Very excited to read the next book coming out! Can’t wait!

    • Despite the vacuum indeed! Yes, well… but I dare not say more here! I must be reticent, yes, reticent.

      Certainly many things require adjustment in different gravities, how uncanny that I wrote of this too, as you shall hear soon. (Of course I have spent even more time in space than I have in Quayment, hee hee.)

      RE playing the violin – I used to play the bass (both bow and electric)…

      Sorry for the delay of part 13, but I am proofreading the last version before turning the book-making crank – and there are many issues to check.

  3. Your enthusiasm is GREATLY appreciated… (and I, being a Chestertonian, understand the meaning of the second syllable… The Thing CW3:139, hee hee…)

    Please drop me an e-mail sometime, if you will, then you might delete this comment.

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