Watching the Agatha Christie Anime Again

Sadly, I didn’t keep my CDs of the anime series (still unlicensed in the US or anywhere else, boo), and most of the folks that had copies were keeping them on Megaupload before its fall, so now I have to keep tracking it down on Veoh or or whatever.

Currently the series is available on two YouTube channels (nightstrutter and imadix24) but a couple of nightstrutter’s vids have been deleted, and he hasn’t uploaded all 39 eps anyway. Conversely, imadix24 appears to have both Agatha Christie and various Arabic videos which look political, but I can’t determine if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. One hopes he’s a good guy as well as a mystery/anime fan, of course.

Otherwise, you have to watch the anime with French or Spanish subtitles, which is doable but makes your head hurt.


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