Banana Rice Soup/Pudding/Salad

Yet another concoction designed to get stuff used up. I had three overripe bananas and didn’t feel like banana bread. So I looked around. It turns out that a lot of people make banana tapioca or banana rice concoctions. There’s a lot of spicy/curry/pepper chicken and banana recipes out there, too. But I ended up deciding that I didn’t want spicy or savory tonight.

One of the things that medieval people all across Europe liked was to take small bits of chicken and rice and boil the whole thing in almond milk. This was what they used to call blancmange. Sort of a chicken and rice soup, except as an almond milk posset. And cinnamon, ginger, galangale, pepper…. So I thought I’d do that, except with bananas. And pineapple. Because.

One thing to notice is that really overripe bananas block all the other flavors. I really needed the pineapple just to break it up a bit. You didn’t taste the rice or chicken. I probably could have been going with the hot and spicy also, but I’d probably have to have piled on the curry. So yeah, unless you really need milk or almond milk, you may as well go with stock or water if you cook this. Coconut milk might have been able to fight its way through the bananocity. Alternately, don’t use overripe bananas or don’t put bananas in until the very end. (That’s probably why a lot of recipes just slice the bananas instead of smooshing them, like I did.)

However, bananas do make a yummy sort of soup, and cooked pineapple is yummy. I suspect that tomorrow I will make more rice and spicier with some pork, and then have the banana-pineapple soup thing with that.

However, if you’ve ever got a sick kid diarrhea problem in the house, I bet you could probably get out that rice cooker, make rice, mix in applesauce and bananas, and serve the whole thing on toast. BRAT diet as a one dish meal!

UPDATE: This morning, the rice had absorbed all the liquid and swelled up, as rice tends to do, and the flavors had equalized. It’s now a lovely cold salad/pudding, and you can taste all the different flavors. I promote this recipe to total success! But I still bet it would taste good as curry rice, too. I also wish I’d used a little more chicken-y chicken. Blancmanger was originally designed to feed sick people, and everybody knows it’s the fat in chicken soup that does some of the good. So maybe I should have used chicken stock as well as/instead of almond milk?

2 parts rice
1 part chicken from a can and its chicken juice (salty – and obviously, homecooked leftover chicken probably tastes better)
2 parts almond milk (although milk or coconut milk or whatever would probably also work)
1 part water (because I was worried that the almond milk would burn, but probably you could just use more X-milk)
3 overripe bananas, squooshed and smooshed
1/4 to 1/2 of a 20 oz can of pineapple, including some of the juice
sugar to taste (mostly to conquer the salty chicken juice, because bananas and pineapple are plenty sweet)
salt if you need it
whatever spices you feel like (I went heavy on cinnamon, nutmeg, and Chinese five spice)

Dump everything in the rice cooker and cook it on Hot.


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