St. Gandalf??

Yes, there’s a St. Gandalf. In fact, there’s more than one! Hahahahah! Man, it’s a good thing I didn’t know this when I was a kid picking Confirmation names.

St. Gondulphus of Metz (bishop, died in 923, feastday Sept. 6), St. Gondulphus of Tongres (aka Gondulphus of Maastricht, bishop in the 6th century, feastday July 16), and St. Gondulphus of Berry (bishop or holy man, feastday June 17).

So yes, two days from now is:




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3 responses to “St. Gandalf??

  1. *grin* to the confirmation names thing….

    What’s Castle Gandalpho named for?

  2. If memory serves, there’s also a St. Lucy of Narnia, and a St. Mungo (as in Rowling’s “Wizard Hospital”.) Butler’s is yet another example of GKC’s famous line about the encyclopedia:

    “it is the test of a good encyclopaedia that it does two rather different things at once. The man consulting it finds the thing he wants; he also finds how many thousand things there are that he does not want. ”
    [GKC “Consulting the Encyclopedia” in The Common Man]

    Which is why I prefer tactile books for most things.

    Ah… Castel Gandolfo… and the Galactic Guard. (You know whereof I speak, oh Banshee! … And just to give you fair warning, there is more a-brewing, though even the first portion is some distance away.)

    meanwhile (!) – ora et labora.

  3. “….derived from the Latin Castrum Gandulphi… the name of the castle on this site was presumably owned by the family of Gandolfi, originally from Genoa. Another hypothesis, supported by Pope Pius II in his commentary (1462), is that the name results from Gandulphi Sabinorum, from a certain Gandolfo Savelli.”

    So yeah, nobody remembers, but it was some family or some guy named Gandalf or Gandulf. A lot of people speaking Germanic languages came through Italy or stopped there (like the Lombards, aka Langobards, and the Goths).

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