Embarrassing PBS People

Lately, some of the travel hosts are really embarrassing.

This one show I was just watching was about visiting Nigeria. It was an interesting show, and they went to interesting places and did interesting things. But the host was embarrassing. She claimed that her name didn’t mean anything, when “Adela” does have a meaning and she could have looked it up any day she had Google access. She went to church with her guide, where people were dancing gently in a churchy way, and treated it like she was at a concert instead of church and was going crazy while obviously not at all interested in God. It wasn’t cute.

I know, I’ve done plenty of stupid things myself, but I generally don’t do them on camera, on purpose, while sitting in the front row with a whole camera crew. Travel hosts used to be more polite.

I also felt bad for the PBS lizard show, where they interviewed an interesting scientist, and then publicized his nightmares. Apparently he has a recurring nightmare of being put on trial for war crimes against lizards, even though he’s the catch and release kind of scientist. But instead of giving him some help, maybe, they publicize this. It’s exploitative.

Every so often, I remember why I usually stick to the antiques appraisal shows.


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