2009 Article on Authorship of Albert’s “De Muliere Forti”

‘”Non est in aliquo opere modus nobilior” – De muliere forti ein Werk Alberts des Großen?’ by Susana Bullido del Barrio.

This is an interesting 2009 article about why the heck we don’t know who wrote a lot of books traditionally attributed to St. Albert the Great. The author points out* that this is mostly because scholars haven’t done enough work on the actual manuscripts, and because critical editions of Albert have often smoothed out the quirks of the Latin, and the variant wordings, that are found in the actual manuscripts. There’s nowhere near enough info about the Dominican traditions of scripture interpretation.

So yes, it’s a very good thing that those Dominican guys translated the book, and the article even thanks them for having the translation in preparation.

* I don’t read German, but Google Translate is good at getting you the gist.


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