St. Bede Also Gets Blamed for Occult Crup

Apparently Pseudo-Bede is stuck with just as many occult works as Pseudo-Albert the Great, Pseudo-Virgil, Pseudo-Moses, and Pseudo-Solomon. As a bright spot, he also gets a lot of math and science works falsely attributed to him.

Anyway, among the pseudo works are: “Of Egyptian Days” (unlucky days), “Of the Divination of Life and Death” (on the “Apuleian Sphere,” a sort of medieval divination of disease outcomes), “On the Abatement of Blood, or On Phlebotomy” (lucky and unlucky days for being bled), “Of the Birth of Infants” (divination by weekday of birth), “De Signis Caeli” (astronomy/astrology), “Of Thunders” (divination by thunderclap), and the “Revelation of Esdras” (farmer’s almanac and weather divination).

Anyway, here’s a useful list of various Pseudo-Bede manuscripts.


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