Assumption Nova!

We’ve got a special event in the skies tonight! Look up to see the Summer Triangle, with the cross-shaped Cygnus (the Swan) constellation. Follow a line from Cygnus’ head, to his left wingtip, and then down. When you reach a point at the same level as Sagitta (the Arrow — a mini triangle inside the Summer Triangle on the right), you should see a VERY BRIGHT NOVA! With your naked eye (in dark skies) or binoculars (in streetlight skies)!

If you have cloudy skies, or aren’t sure it’ll get dark enough, watch the live view of the Slooh Space Camera, included in the same post I’ve linked to.

Whee! This is going to be neat!

Congratulations to Koichi Yamagaki of Yamagata, Japan, for discovering the nova at 2 PM yesterday!

More info from Sky and Telescope!

UPDATE: Well, I haven’t had much luck with observing the nova (overcast skies, traditional in Ohio when you really really want to stargaze, as noted at the post linked below) but our friend in Columbus over at Bob’s Basilica has.



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2 responses to “Assumption Nova!

  1. This. Is. Awesome. Hopefully I can get a look tonight; thanks for the head’s-up!

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