Another Book of Female Saints

Sacrum Gynacaeum: seu Martyrologium amplissimum, by Arturo a Monasterio (aka Arthur Du Monstier).

The title page of the book says that The Sacred Gynecaeum, or, the Most Widened Martyrologium is a book:

in which are counted: Saints and Other Blesseds of Christ:

Handmaids: Martyrs, Virgins, sucklings, infants, little girls, girls, adolescent girls, brides, widows, old ladies; seculars, women living under
Rules; of every age, state, condition, dignity, and Order; all Devout ones of the feminine sex.

But also that they be illuminated by their lives of sanctity, profession of virtues, merit of chastity, constancy of Christian religion, Catholic worship in faith, and glory of miracles, through all the globe, now and for all ages after Christ’s birth; by the order of their days being preserved through the course of all the years.

Illustrated by annotations from many manuscript codexes and approved authors….

As usual, the book is arranged by days of the calendar year, with an index in back to look up specific saints and blesseds.

There’s also a special index in front to look up the bluebloods who put in the work to become saints:

Index of Saints and Blessed Heroines of Noble Rank:

Augustae and Empresses.

Emperors’ Daughters.


Kings’ Daughters.

Heroine Princesses.

Duchess Wives.



Dynastae and Toparchae.

Women of Consular and Proconsular rank, with Patrician or Senatorial dignity, or Tribunal power.


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