Catholic Biblical Arguments for Doctrine

One of the reasons I personally can’t get too excited about defending Catholic doctrine from Scripture is that plenty of other people have already done it, in detail, and been totally ignored.

For example, here’s a fairly typical, mediocre work of scholarship in days gone by: Volume 10 of a work by Fr. Vitus Scheffer (a Jesuit, of course!) called Biblia Immaculata: Covering Proverbs, Sirach, the Song of Songs, the Book of Wisdom, Ecclesiastes, the Major and Minor Prophets, as well as the Books of Maccabees, from which arguments may be drawn from not a few verses for the Immaculate Conception of the Theotokos by the student of pious things for panegyric uses.

But of course, the first thing that happens is that the diminished Canon doesn’t include most of these books, and the second thing is that people who don’t believe the doctrine usually have ditched every form of interpretation of these verses that they don’t like. So people open to belief may consider these arguments, but others will just ignore them.

Still, it’s fun to know that this stuff is out there.


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