“Golden Curry” — Pretty Good

In my continuing pursuit of eating things that look good on anime, I’ve finally broken down and cooked some Japanese Indian curry with one of those Golden Curry curry cubes.

First off, if you get a big curry cube package, you get two gigantic curry cubes of pressed curry spices. Each “cube” (really more like a square) of the big size makes curry for six.

If you get “hot” instead of mild, it’s a really decently hot yellow curry. Not so hot that your stomach will explode, but definitely hot enough to wake you up a bit. Probably a 2 or 3 at your Indian restaurant. Anyway, it was pretty much exactly at my preferred spice level, although I don’t think “I can eat spicy Japanese food” is going to impress anyone!

It makes an excellent curry chicken and rice in your crockpot.

What you’re supposed to do according to the package, though, is make a sort of meat and vegetable stirfry with curry. This also sounds good, but I didn’t feel like it.



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3 responses to ““Golden Curry” — Pretty Good

  1. Love it.

    I use to get pork roasts from cash’n’carry, cut them into usable sizes (about an inch smaller than the diameter of my crockpot) put a bit of water, chunks of teh curry block, and then potatoes and carrots on the side, then set it to cook all day.

    Delicious over rice, and then you can freeze it!

    Alright, I’m getting that curry out tomorrow…

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