Update on My Grandmother

Grandma is on oxygen, but just in her nose now, not needing an oxygen mask. She is feeling a lot better, albeit she still has a fair amount of pain unless she gets her pain meds on time. (She doesn’t like to call in pain, because she thinks she’s bothering people and being wimpy. We have told her that she needs the pain meds so that her body can get strong again, so she should tell people when she needs them; and that the nurses, etc. are paid to make sure she has what she needs when she needs it.)

On the good side, the Catholic priest assigned to the hospital got Grandma all anointed up the other day, so she’s pretty saintly right now!

Please keep praying for her! We appreciate it!

There’s something very wearing about being in a hospital. Probably it’s the way they keep the places at walk-in meat locker temperatures. I don’t know how Grandma stands it, but she’s always fairly toasty. I’ve always had to have five hundred zillion blankets every time I’ve been confined to the hospital in the modern era. (When I was a kid, they kept the places decently warm.) I guess Grandma is just more hotblooded than I am!


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