Ads by WordPress

WordPress has decided to put ads on its blogs, unless one pays a premium to avoid them. Since I am poorish at the moment, I’m afraid I can’t pay the premium. I apologize for this nuisance.

If you see anything objectionable show up, I think there will be a complaint box.



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4 responses to “Ads by WordPress

  1. Huh… not seeing any ads….

    Oh, wait, adblock program. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen any either, but I’ll keep an eye out for any that slip through. And yeah, I heavily adblock too — AdBlock Plus, NoScript, Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe. Going back over their news posts, WP has been doing ads for some time (since 2008) on the sidebar, and I really haven’t noticed them. But again, serious blocking. I actually get surprised when I see ads on the browser at work.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if they’d allow some sort of control over the ads that appear on one’s page. LJ lost me once and for all when a McCain ad appeared on my page — which I’m sure you can imagine I enjoyed as much as you’d’ve liked an Obama ad showing up on yours. I mean, we’re the content providers here — since it’s our individual contributions that bring eyeballs to inflict ads on, we should have some say in which ads are inflicted on our readers.

    • Yeah, that would have been a pain for anybody.

      The thing most Internet ad people apparently don’t understand about Internet ads is that they’re really more effective when they’re targeted. It would be pretty simple to ask people, “Do you have a political party whose ads you’d prefer to show? Do you think your readers don’t want to see political ads?” You could even let people log back in and change their minds about ads at any time. Most political advertisers would like this. Why waste views on pages where they’ll be useless or counterproductive?

      Of course, some advertisers do want to invade people’s pages; there was an annoying Mormon ad campaign where they were putting Mormon ads that looked Catholic on Catholic Youtube videos, and similar stuff for folks of other religions and denominations. But generally, advertisers like to find friendly eyes, not play gotcha.

      But I haven’t seen any ads yet. I guess my blog isn’t saleable enough. 😉

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