God Likes Steampunk

Animals with natural gears discovered.



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2 responses to “God Likes Steampunk

  1. Why did they quote thirty “microseconds”? Is that a fib?

    And hey the timing on actin-myosin is a bit tighter, as I recall, but I am away from my sources and would have to check. That is why the Master Designer uses electricity to govern AND synchronize…It’s not just the calcium…

    I think I will need to get you that quote from Copernicus that I learned from Jaki’s “The Relevance of Physics”… but I can’t recall that either just now. It was a long day and someone beat me to a tighter form of a recurrence relation… ah, at least I got the same values he did, which is satisfactory. Real scientist are always checking each other’s work anyway, and that;s what labs are for.

  2. That is incredibly cool.

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