Winter Borscht in a Crockpot

“Winter borscht” is borscht made with beets, beef stock, and vinegar (of course), plus tomatoes and whatever veggies and meat you want. But it’s “winter borscht” because it doesn’t have sour cream in it. Ideally you still have that sort of sweet-sour borscht taste, so you might want to add sugar or applesauce or something of that nature.

It’s gooood.

I made mine with some frozen hamburger patties. Hamburger meat cooks on high in a crockpot in 2 1/2 hours or so, probably longer if you start frozen. But I was planning to cook the soup on high for at least four hours, so that worked out fine.

(You can also roast ground beef in your crockpot, just by putting it on low for about four hours, if that’s something you like. But of course, browning meat in a skillet before you cook it as soup is also good – especially if you think you’d like to be able to tell the beef has a cooked color underneath all that red of the beets and tomatoes. Boiled beef doesn’t have quite the same cooked color as browned beef, and browned beef does have an extra shot of flavor too.)


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  1. I like borscht without the meat and always with a dollop of sour cream.

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