Nice Dragon Pictures

A Flicker set of dragons from churches.



Filed under Bad Christian Dragons

3 responses to “Nice Dragon Pictures

  1. What does it mean when the dragon’s in the chalice? There is power in the blood?

    • Actually, that’s a story pointing out that it’s good to say grace. 🙂

      St. John (the evangelist and apostle) was invited to a banquet, and was given a poisoned cup of wine to drink. He made the Sign of the Cross over it, and the poison turned into a snake (or dragon) and slithered away without harming anybody. This is why St. John is one of the patrons of winemakers, and why you can take bottles of wine to church to get blessed on St. John’s Day, close after Christmas. (And Father Z would say you should take more than one, so you can give one of the blessed bottles to Father after the blessing.)

      So I’m not sure if that counts as a good dragon or a bad dragon. Probably a very confused dragon, as he had just been “born.”

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