Your Colander Is Your Noodlemaking Machine

This is an Austrian recipe for making Spaetzle and Cheese, like macaroni and cheese except with tastier little spaetzle.

So it also tells you how to make spaetzle by hand (although you can get boxed dried spaetzle here), and reveals the Secret Use of the Colander! Just squoosh the dough through a colander, and poof! Noodles!

Obviously this can get messy….

Pictures and instructions for making spaetzle with a colander!

If you go through the whole slideshow, you see that the traditional method makes you smooth out the dough, a quarter inch thick, on a bread board after it’s mixed, and then cut to the desired length and breadth. So using the colander to control thickness takes out a step. The major problem with the colander method would be avoiding getting burned or splashed, but the dough is supposed to be at a slow splort stage anyway. So presumably gravity does most of the work, and you can just hold the colander by the handles. Otherwise, I suppose you’d just push the dough through the colander holes with a cold spoon.


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