Free Month of Crunchyroll for US Govt. Employees

If you’re a federal US government employee (.gov but not .mil, alas), Crunchyroll is giving out a free month of premium access (ie, no commercials and watch new shows a week early) to anybody who sends in for it. Furlough, essential employee, anybody.

So now you have something to do on furlough.

Or possibly, when you get home from your lonely empty office.

This is a good way for Crunchyroll to suck in new paying customers, as most of us who don’t work for the government either don’t have jobs, or are in danger of losing them or having hours cut. So Crunchyroll is marketing where the reliable money will be, and very savvy marketing it is.

If you’re new to Crunchyroll, it’s a legal, licensed anime viewing site. (Subtitled, not dubbed.) They also have tons of Korean live action dramas and comedies. This fall’s new season of anime isn’t promising, but Crunchyroll also has years and years of classic anime to watch. If you have Roku or other wifi TV set boxes, a Crunchyroll membership already includes the ability to watch Crunchyroll on your TV. So it’s a good deal.


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One response to “Free Month of Crunchyroll for US Govt. Employees

  1. lol, that’s pretty funny! If they can’t work, they can at least enjoy a NEET lifestyle complete with anime.

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