Another Executive Branch Overreach

The Park Service is throwing people out of private cabins built on federal land around Lake Mead. Probably this is an illegal breach of the contract between the US and these folks (just like the earlier closures of private campgrounds).

Some of those cabins are year-round homes for elderly people, who retired there or have lived there all their lives. They can’t just go home when home is closed.

Yet another thing that never happened in any other “shutdown.” Somehow Clinton and Carter and all the rest managed to shut things down gracefully, mostly because they allowed government agencies to follow their actual shutdown plans. All this Nastiness Theater is just creating even more distrust of the federal government and the whole Executive Branch.

This is particularly ill-judged, since out west, there are tons of people living and working on federal land. Not Park Service or Forest Service land, necessarily, but it’s the same principle. This sort of contract-breaking means that all these people have to live nervous.

The Democrats in the Legislative Branch are setting up a lot of hatred for themselves by abetting the President in his weird illegal power grab.

And now, people are calling for the President to move out of the White House, and for the Vice President to move out of his house, since they are both on federal land too. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


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