Central Ohio Slaves, 2008-2012

I’m watching the Ohio Channel right now. It’s run by Ohio public television, and shows various events at Ohio’s Capitol, debates in the legislature, decisions at the Ohio Supreme Court, the State Fair, etc.

But what I’m watching a presentation by the Salvation Army from January 2012 on Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Just in Columbus and surrounding areas, from 2008-2012, the Salvation Army had to help 161 people who had been enslaved. 91% were female. 81% were sex slaves, 7% were sex and work slaves, and the rest were purely work slaves. Some were from the US, and the rest from 10+ different foreign countries.

This STINKS. I mean, I’m glad that someone is helping enslaved people, but Columbus is only one US city. We need to stamp out slavery entirely.

FYI: Foreign folks who are slaves in the US or brought here illegally don’t get deported by law enforcement. They can go home if they want, or they can apply to stay here if they want. Since they are crime victims, they had a different immigration status than illegal immigrants. (And if somebody’s parents or relatives sold them into slavery, you don’t want to send the kid back to get sold again.)


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