Assume a Flat Chicken…

I didn’t know this had a name, and I wasn’t sure how you did it.

But this is how to flatten a chicken for easier grilling or baking. It’s called “spatchcocking,” believe it or not.



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5 responses to “Assume a Flat Chicken…

  1. Very cool, but… why don’t they just say “cut the spine out of a whole chicken, turn it over, press down so it’s kinda flat, then hold up the wing and leg with two bamboo skewers forming an X”?

  2. I always heard it called “butterflying.” Pam Anderson always recommended it in her books (The Perfect Recipe; How to Cook Without a Book)

    • I’d think I’d heard the term “butterflied chicken” but I guess I hadn’t seen what it referred to. Possibly I thought it was related to butterfly shrimp? Anyway, I guess the older term refers to using it to cook a young bird (a spatchcock).

      It makes me think of some kind of Norse chicken cult, butterflying instead of bloodeagling. “Chicken for Odin!”

      • ….I will now blame you when I use this technique (which I never thought about before) and yell “CHICKEN FOR ODIN!!” as I smash it flat…..

  3. hee hee… something about a cock for Aesculapius?

    And what’s that old joke where this (or something like it) was the punchline?
    Or was it “assume a spherical cow”…?

    (Yeah, serious question from the guy who’s still laughing about “What’s purple and commutes?”)

    And Banshee, how about sending me an e-mail sometime?

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