Egg Subtleties and Pancake Eggs!

Here’s a really fun recipe that makes use of the entire egg! Yes! It’s little pancake cakes baked inside eggshells!

Basically, you blow out the egg through a hole, wash the eggshell and dry it, and then put eggy pancake batter back into the eggshell. The shell acts like a very large muffin cup. Obviously, pancake batter cooks faster than cake batter. (Cake batter would probably result in brown eggshells. Also, cake batter is heavier than pancake batter.)

The beauty of this is that baking this sucker probably kills salmonella very very dead. Nevertheless, it’s probably a good idea to wash the outsides of the eggshells with soap as well as water.

Anyway, this is the kind of thing medievals loved in a “subtlety” for the table: it’s a food that looks like a different kind of food, and which even has a certain symbolism conveyed by its appearance. If you use swirly/fruity batter like the recipe suggests, then you actually get a pancakey Easter egg inside the egg. This would be great for Easter. Alternately, you could have a golden batter look like the yolk, and a white batter look like the egg white. Heck, you could even put a meringue inside, maybe.

Here’s another subtlety-type dish: jellied eggs. Jellied meat broth with other stuff in, basically. This is what you eat if you are feeling very Victorian/steampunk, or if you are feeling very Eastern European.


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