Working Again!

I have a seasonal job with a local credit card company. It’s a call center, but it’s a posh call center. I don’t have to juggle nearly as many different kinds of call as I did at my old job, the stress level is lower overall, there are actually perks associated with working there, and it’s a very pleasant facility.

There’s a chance that they may be hiring more permanently later; but if nothing else, it’s money, experience, and a pretty nice full time job, as temp work goes.


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4 responses to “Working Again!

  1. Alan T

    Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the job.

  2. Yay for job! Congrats and good luck and hope it goes permanent!

  3. Rosemary A.

    Hurrah! And thank you, Lord! I’ve been praying for “suburbanbanshee’s work environment” for quite a while, and wondered how things were going. Great news!

  4. Glad to hear it, I have been meaning to call you.

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