50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who

Bad News:
A lot of pretentious BS stuffed into an episode. Hoboy, is there pretension and BS.

Good News:
1. John Hurt’s turn as the Doctor, which was touching and interesting despite the horrible pretentious lines the writers often gave him.

2. Steven Moffat’s magnificent retcon assault on all that Time War junk. Anything that makes the Doctor not be a psychopathic war criminal is fine by me. Liberal use of handwavium in this case is justified (especially since it’s fighting against something _established_ solely by handwave fiat), and thus I applaud its skillful use.

Bad News:
The Doctor is now canonically married to one of the greatest evildoers in English history, which one would think a tad bit offputting. What is it with the writers putting him together with supervillain ladies? I’m beginning to think that they should have stuck with the elderly Aztec priestess.



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2 responses to “50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who

  1. I’d be inclined to say that Elizabeth I is technically a widow, since The Doctor has regenerated since then. 🙂

    I was delighted, from the vintage opening all the way to the entirely unexpected cameo at the end. The guilty, troubled Doctor was dragging things down; if Gallifrey is back, the door is open to further Master stories, the Rani, the Valeyard, the Doctor’s on-again-off-again presidency, Romana, even a return visit from Leela, Andred and K-9 Mark I.

    I also rejoice that the days of the depressed, moody and angsty Doctor are probably over, too. And while I had been seriously *not* looking forward to the return of Rose, the way Moff did it was brilliant and I didn’t mind it one little bit.

    Whoever voiced the First Doctor did it so well, I honestly thought they’d cobbled the phrase together from existing episodes using digital trickery. Capaldi’s unexpected cameo gives me a lot of optimism for his reign; if that’s the voice he’s using, it has all the authoritative bite of Pertwee at his most peremptory and I can’t wait to see it put to good use.

    Now, the question remaining in my mind is whether or not the Doctors should be officially renumbered. We’re so used to calling Eccleston, Tennant and Smith the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh, but now they’re actually the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth.

    Personally, I’m inclined to renumber, since Hurt officially has been The Doctor. But, like the supremely annoying tendency to refer to the Doctors by their cardinals (One, Four, Eleven) rather than their ordinals (Second, Seventh, Ninth Doctors), I suspect the succession will be (incorrectly) counted as One, Two, Three… Eight, War, Nine, Ten… rather than the more sensible First through Thirteenth.

  2. Montague

    I was rather disappointed with the lack of importance the Daleks had in the story… I mean, this episode IS supposed to be a 50th anniversary, about the Time War, and the Daleks do… nothing significant to the plot. Not really. Sort of in the background.

    In my opinion, the only unequivocally good part of the 50th was the very end, with the scene “in the clouds” looking up at Gallifrey. We now have a basis for writing stories on… Also, the Doctor is now not a criminal, but a questant; which has oh-so-delicious Christian undertones.

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