You Win ALL the Internets….

D.G. Davidson, “Sci-Fi Catholic,” bon vivant, Chestertonian defender of friendship, and Swiftian writer of MLP fanfic, has decided to write the saga of a American seminarian in Canterlot. Said intrepid seminarian has just been assigned the job of inculturating Christmas pageants into the project of evangelizing Equestria, and has determined (for good and sufficient reasons) that eggnog should be an integral part thereof.

Ladies and gentlefen, I give you, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pageant.”

I also give Mr. Davidson the factoid that eggnog in Mexican Spanish is “rompope.”

But I’m sure he doesn’t have to be told how often “Evangelii Gaudium” mentions “friendship” (mostly with Christ) as a Big Deal. (10 times. And there are five uses of “friend,” including the bit where we hear that Mary is the amiga always making sure we have enough wine in our lives.)


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  1. Only slightly related, but strongly friendship.

    The Rancher Relief Fund for those cows killed by that freak blizzard was a roaring success, and they’re now paying out.

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