Google and Apple Commuter Buses Attacked

The usual hired protesters and Communist protest-runners now have a new issue de jour they call “Displacement.” Apparently it is wrong for tech workers to live outside San Jose, because it’s gentrifying Oakland and driving up property values. What you want in Oakland is more gang members.

Anyhoo, the economic issues apparently don’t matter, because this week the protesters decided to “infiltrate” buses, then block them from leaving while haranguing a bunch of programmers who haven’t had their coffee yet. Then the protesters started breaking windows and threatening harm. Oh, and mocking the programmers for, you know, going to work and being productive.

Obviously it would be awesome fun (for the programmers) if they started doing this to the kind of programmers who play with knives, guns, martial arts, and explosives, but they aren’t targeting defense contractors or anything like that.

Here’s a link to a big jerk protester’s article, which tells us how kind and gentle he and his buddies are. Because telling people to F off, and breaking glass in people’s faces, is exactly how Mother Teresa operated. Telling people to have fun, while endangering their lives and depriving them of liberty and a day’s wages, is totally the same as hugging lepers.

The sweet, reasonable tone of the standard ANSWER font flyer is particularly telling. (Scroll down.)


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