New Anime

Yet another season of flippin’ weird anime….

Hamatora is a light mystery show about a magical superhero detective agency. And yes, if that sounds good to you, you’re going to like it. I think it’s got a good mixture of that Japanese specialty, cute and funny antics mixed with serious gritty crime and grotesquery.

Hoseki no Reitetsu is an incredibly artistic, beautiful, clever slice of life comedy set in Jigoku, the Japanese (Chinese/Indian) afterlife for bad people. The myth of Jigoku is more like a reformatory than prison, because you serve your time being punished instructively and then get reincarnated or sent elsewhere. The oni (translated here as “ogres”) aren’t really demons, because they are not obligatorily evil; and the ones in Jigoku are in fact employed as prison wardens by the forces of good. Lord Hoseki, the protagonist of this show, is one of these hardworking oni. Since one of the very first Japanese “comics” was a serial scroll about oni doing funny things (as pointed out in this show’s first episode), this is in many ways a traditional show; but it’s very weird to us Westerners. So yeah… basically it’s The Office with competent coworkers. In Japanese Hell.

Wizard Barristers is another show with amazing visuals. I’ve only seen the long trailer, but… in a world where magic is real, magical criminal scum need idealistic magical defense attorneys. And their familiars. And their motorcycles. Also features perfectly normal police who manage to fight crime anyway.

Chuunibyou unexpectedly got a second season. It’s too soon to tell if it’s going to remain a purehearted and optimistic series about love, alienation, and teenage mental illness, or not. I hope it continues to stay good.

Good shows that are continuing on: Ag school anime Silver Spoon, road racing bike show Yowamushi Pedal, the optimistic political science RPG fantasy Log Horizon, etc., etc.


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