Cruiser Bike Video

This Retro Dad guy discusses “cruiser” or “beach cruiser” bikes like mine. He talks a lot about the benefits of the ride.

As the wonderful road racing anime Yowamushi Pedal points out, a “mommy bike” isn’t the most efficient bike. But it does build your strength and endurance, and it teaches you to pedal faster (“increase cadence”) as well as to stand up and pedal (“dancing”). You can carry stuff better, and they are fun.

And for those of us with big butts, a nice sturdy bike with a comfy seat is a good thing.

It turns out that there’s a bike shop in Fairborn, and I think I’m going to have to go talk to them about my bike. I think I’ve got it set up wrong or broke something somehow, because the seat just keeps coming loose. It’s possible that hilly Fairborn just isn’t the right place for my bike, but I did okay in hilly Kettering.

If worst comes to worst, I’ve got my old ten-speed in the shed at my parents’ house, but I don’t love it like I loved my Huffy faux-BMX bike as a kid, or my weird but lovable Huffy Panama Jack beach cruiser. OTOH, I never actually figured out what most of those gears were for, and Yowa is exposing me to the idea that perhaps they actually have their uses. And I suppose I could get it painted a more racy color than white. (Like yellow. Bikes should be red or yellow. Those are bike-y colors.)

This is a later model than my bike, and it is pink rather than yellow and tan. I will bear RetroDad’s recommendations in mind.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I truly do love my beach cruisers, and plan on doing more videos very soon. As for your seat.. a simple seat upgrade many times will fix that pesky problem. Cheers!

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