Log Horizon – Just Gets Better Every Week!

If you like fantasy or play fantasy games, or if you’ve ever played an MMO, you should be watching Log Horizon. It gets better every week.

It’s all about hope in darkness, making a life for yourself and those you care about, and being more than a little bit clever along the way.

For those of you who haven’t gotten sucked into its world, here’s a very nice cover version of the earworm opening themesong, “Database.” (And the same guy also covers the great Yowamushi Pedal themesong, “Reclimb.”)

Here’s the group that actually does it, Man with a Mission, performing live. Yes, they perform wearing giant wolf mask heads.

Here’s a gamer filk parody about Indonesian exam week. I think the sentiments are so universal that we don’t actually need a translation….



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3 responses to “Log Horizon – Just Gets Better Every Week!

  1. Joy

    Well, you got me! I’m up to episode 4. Works great to watch during lunch at work.

  2. This really is a special one. It’s not just the overt awesomeness, it’s the little things like the smile on the young lady who dramatically fainted. This one’s a keeper. Also: Database is indeed quite the earworm.

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