Reality Check

Republicans fought for civil rights against racism, from the beginning of the party, and elected people of different races to Congress as soon as possible. Democrats fought to keep people enslaved or make them second-class citizens.

Republicans fought for women’s suffrage and elected women to Congress; Democrats fought to keep women voteless.

And politicians used force to take away Utah’s freedom of marriage format, just like they’re trying to do today.

“One of the most interesting battles in the long congressional war over women’s suffrage involved the Mormons of Utah. In 1870, nearly fifty years before Congress passed the 19th Amendment, the territory of Utah granted women the right to vote. This was encouraged by congressional opponents of polygamy, which was practiced by some wealthy Mormons. Their hope was that given the vote, Utah’s women would quickly put an end to “the abomination of bigamy.” And the women of Utah did indeed prove to have strong opinions regarding this issue. They voted overwhelmingly in favor of it. Congress responded by passing the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1882, which disfranchised Utah’s women while also violating the First Amendment by outlawing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and seizing much of its property.”

(Of course, I’m not in favor of polygamy in any way. But your definition of marriage has to be solid and unchangeable if you mean to build a society on it, just as you have to be pretty darned sure that you know Who God is, to be able to tell Japan that their Emperor Hirohito officially was no god.)

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  1. Republicans were founded in opposition to polygamy and slavery, if I remember right.
    Problem being, opposing polygamy is actually an advancement in respecting humanity– the insult to marriage could be justified because when you cannot survive as an individual, and a lot of men die because it’s a dangerous time, then allowing a hedged in “those men who can support two women may marry two” can be defended. There were still horrible abuses and when the extreme situation that supports it isn’t around, they simply can’t be stood for. Sort of like how every culture ever had the horrible insult to humanity called slavery, but we’re in such prosperity that it can’t be defended.

    Reminds me of self defense. Sometimes you have to kill someone, but your goal has to be to stop them– if there’s a reasonable way to stop them otherwise, you have to do that. And nothing is ever simple….

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