What Guts Looks Like

Yulia Lipnitskaya, 15 years old, skating to the music of Schindler’s List, in front of dictator Vladimir Putin, anti-Semites among the Russian public, and the whole world.

Well done.

Interestingly, the commentary team, that mentioned every other possible connection between skaters and music, clammed up entirely about this one. I don’t know if they were being prudent or gutless.

Anyhoo, “Lipnitz” is a name derived either from the Bohemian/Czech village of Lipnice, or from the Polish village of Lipnice. (“Lipa” means lime tree, linden tree. It’s in a lot of placenames.) So it’s a surname borne by Poles, Czechs, and Germans of various faiths, as well as by various nationalities of Jewish people. The composer Mahler’s father originally came from Lipnice.

Since Lipnitskaya originally hailed from Yekaterinburg, a town that Catherine the Great settled with mostly-German farmers, her ethnic and religious background is anybody’s guess.

Also, a list of cool things that Winter Olympians can do.


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3 responses to “What Guts Looks Like

  1. Joy

    On topic: The Chinese pair skated to Les Mis–accident?

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