When What Is Legal Is Not Moral

A Girl Scout sets up cookie sales outside a legal marijuana store, and sells hundreds of boxes in a short time. The news story portrays it as “clever” and “educational.”

Look, idiots. Girl Scouts who sell cookies door to door have run into stoners before. And yes, it’s an easy sell. But it’s a sad, disgusting sell to sad, twisted people, which is why you don’t go back to that house ever again.

This news story is basically saying, “Yes, prey upon the weak-willed and the sickly!”

If someone is sick enough that they have a legitimate need for marijuana pain treatment, you shouldn’t be sending them off to scarf multiple cookie boxes all at once. And if they’re just sad, pathetic stoners, you don’t make money off the afflicted.

Girl Scouts are supposed to be examples of honor and service. We are supposed to help, not hurt. And cookie sales are supposed to be a means to support honor and service, not a way to trample on them.

Also, a Girl Scout doesn’t support personality-altering drug use. She respects her body and keeps it clean and healthy, and she helps other people stay clean of drugs. This has been a focus of Girl Scout programming since the beginning, and particularly in the last fifty years. But now, legality trumps all. Here’s an anti-drug program from one Girl Scout council, which apparently has been totally superseded by the council in Northern California.

Of course, this was the same council in Northern California that promoted having some of their little girls march in a Gay Pride parade in San Francisco, which one would think anyone of any orientation would see as an adult-only event (given all the naked, actively bawdy marchers). But the Council said that was okay, because their parents had to sign permission slips. (Yeah. That was what Juliette Gordon Low was going for, I’m sure.)

Let’s recap:

“On my honor, I will try to serve God, my country, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.”

I will also steal candy from babies.

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