Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

AKA “the pen is mightier than the gun… sometimes….”

You may have seen the story about Ricky Wagoner, the Dayton RTA busdriver who was attacked by three men wearing dark hoodies and bandanas over their face, two apparently gangmembers and one trying to become one. The busdriver was out at 5 AM driving an electric trolley bus, and something went wrong with the trolley or the engine-thing. So he got out to adjust it, and the three guys came up to him, saying to each other that this was the “polar bear” (white person) the wannabe needed to kill so that he could join the gang.

Since this was at 5 AM, and no adult gangmember is up at that hour, one must assume that these were high school kids who had to get up for school. (Whether or not they actually go.)

Anyway, they came up to intimidate the busdriver, but he wasn’t having any. (This is no surprise; RTA drivers don’t take any guff, and usually aren’t given much. They know the kids, and they know their mothers and grandmothers.) But one of the guys had a .22 gun and shot the busdriver three times. A heart bullet was stopped by a copy of a modern-language Gospel translation called The Message, but he was wounded in the leg and chest.

The RTA busdriver fought back by hitting, wrestling, and stabbing at them with his pen, and one of the gangmembers stabbed him with a knife. But eventually the “gangmembers” ran off in a fluster, dropping the gun.

Which the RTA guy picked up and fired after them, to finish their comeuppance.

There’s surveillance video from the bus, of course.

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