Spring Anime 2014!


For those of us who like mystery animes and mangas, the longrunning comic Kindaichi Hajime Jikenbo (The Casebook of Kindaichi Hajime) is a big favorite. It’s written by the same brilliant comics and anime writer who brought us Detective School Q (Tantei Gakuen Q) and then figured out that writing a fine wine comic would let him drink obscenely expensive bottles on the alcohol industry’s dime.

Kindaichi Hajime is a descendant of one of Japan’s most famous fictional detectives, the post-WWII sleuth Kindaichi Kosuke (usually found dressed in a shabby kimono and a Western hat, busily trying to be underestimated — and yes, he came before Columbo). The modern Kindaichi and his childhood friend roam around Japan finding grotesque murders and bizarre thievery wherever they go. Of course he’s always underestimated, because he’s just a high school kid. There’s been multiple volumes of manga in Japan, and about 20-some were translated into English. There’s also been a live-action show or two, and an anime I’ve never gotten to see.

So yes, you’re darned tootin’ that I’m going to be watching Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns (Kindaichi Jr.’s Casebook Returns).

I am also going to be watching Fairy Tail‘s continuation, because it is awesome and fun, and I’ll probably start watching the continuation of Mushishi because I’m a sucker for traditional Japanese monster legends. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei looks interesting, as it’s adapted from a light novel series about a world where kids go to special vocational schools to learn to be “magic technicians.” Captain Earth Knights of Sidonia, and Black Bullet all sound like decent sf fun, and The World Is Still Beautiful is a lighthearted fantasy romance, with a princess of the Rain Kingdom moving to the Sun Kingdom to marry its too-young, too-obnoxious king. Gokukoku no Brynhildr is by the same person who wrote Elfen Lied, but apparently doesn’t feature the carnage and such; so I may actually watch it. There are several other action/adventure shows that look okay, too, and a new spinoff of the popular Soul Eater. There’s even a sort of Friday the 13th TV series remake, with a girl ghost directing living detectives to find her murderers, by carrying out a global scavenger hunt to find her lost or hidden treasures.

Also, there’s going to be a rare sumo wrestling sports anime, Akarenbou Rikishi! Matsutarou. I’m so excited to learn more about the sport! It’s also supposed to be something of a comedy, as the genial slacker Matsutarou gets some fire in his belly to become a better wrestler and move up the ranks in the sumo stable. It’s accompanied by Baby Steps, adapted from a well-loved tennis manga; Ping Pong from the guy who made Tekkon Kinkreet; and Haikyuu, a volleyball anime.

There’s a fair number of shows I might watch, but which I probably won’t. Kamigami no Asobi is an unabashed dating game adaptation for girls. It sends an ordinary high school Shinto shrine maiden into a simulated high school for cute male gods with flowing hair, so that they can get more connected to humanity by learning to love said high school shrine maiden. Yeah. Talk about dating older guys, eh? There’s also a music school dating game adaptation for girls, so anybody who wants to watch anime about male violinists with long flowing hair, who fall gooily in love with the girl protagonist — yep, you’re in luck. OTOH, there’s nothing like the sheer chocolate-covered amusement of watching older guys with impossibly good looks all busily wooing the normal girl protagonist.

There’s something for everybody, this spring!


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  1. You’re more enthusiastic than most about this spring season. Most of the shows lack originality, though I hope to be surprised. I had never considered watching Kindaichi Hajime Jikenbo, but your description of it sounds interesting. I’ll have to give the first season a shot.

    I decided to read the manga of Gokukoku no Brynhildr. Like you, Lynn Okamoto’s authorship made me interested. It certainly has less sex than the Elfen Lied manga and less killing, but the gore can actually be worse–especially when the psychics are near death and eventually melt. Yes, you read that right: if they do not take a certain drug at regular intervals, they melt. A very touching story for all that. It is possible that the anime is less gory though.

    I’m just a little bit curious about the sumo anime. The writer who worked on Ashita no Joe is responsible for it after all, but I feel like I should watch Ashita no Joe first. The Japanese did love the anime so much that they held a funeral when a certain character in it died.

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