30 = Youth and Inexperience?

In her recent interview with Wired, Elizabeth Bear claims that eight years ago when she quit SFWA in a huff, she was young and inexperienced and therefore she should be forgiven.

Elizabeth Bear was born in 1971. Eight years ago, she would have been 35.

You’re not “young” at the age of 35. If you’re inexperienced and have no judgment at the age of 35, it’s not something that excuses you with a light laugh. It makes it worse. “Why, yes, I managed not to grow up and have any sense, even when I had become middle-aged!”

However, it’s also pretty clear that it’s not really any kind of apology for youthful stupidity. Back in the day, SFWA resisted pressure from her far left faction. Now it doesn’t, so it’s okay to join up.

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One response to “30 = Youth and Inexperience?

  1. Didn’t I rant at you a bit over a year ago, about how I celebrated turning 30 because I was finally out of the youth vote and people would stop telling me how I believe the polar opposite of what I believe?

    The next day I was listening to the news and they talked about the “under 35 youth vote.”

    I think the real problem is that some people don’t want to admit they’re getting old, which means they have to pretend married folks with teenage kids are “youth.”

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