Sungenis vs. Mulgrew and Krauss

Robert Sungenis, once a mild-mannered Catholic convert and apologist/traditionalist, is now a sorta-schismatic, geocentrist, anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier.* Also, if I recall correctly, he attempted to take off with Catholic Answers’ name and reputation, many years back. You would think this would be enough in the way of misbegotten hobbies for one man’s lifetime.

But noooooo.

Sungenis decided to produce a film about geocentrism. Instead of finding some celebrity willing to do this (you know there have to be some — Muslims, mostly), he decided to hire celebrities by fooling them about the kind of movie he was making.

So in a fit of geek-eat-geek, he picked Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew and physicist Lawrence Krauss. That Michio Kaku guy also.

Well, Mark Shea posted about this months ago and David Palm has been documenting the project as things were announced, but now the rest of the world apparently knows. I guess Mulgrew’s agent didn’t get right on that like he should have, although I’m sure Sungenis paid promptly and thus seemed honest enough.

Don’t expect anything more now or soon from Shea, because his mom has been dying and now has passed away.

* On the bright side, Sungenis isn’t a sedevacantist. He’s apparently always getting into fights with the “there is no legitimate pope now” crowd. Of course, knowing people weirder than yourself can make you think you’re more moderate than you are.


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