Red Moon Tonight!

A golden or orange harvest moon is widely seen as beautiful, but apparently some people get freaked out by a red harvest moon. Shrug. The ancients were more familiar with the vagaries of the sky than we are; not every red moon is supposed to mean something bad.

Anyway, for all your conspiracy needs, here is the shocking interpretation of prophecy by St. Beatus of Liebana, following the ancient Fathers!

“The Sun shall be darkened and the Moon made blood-red, and stars shall fall from heaven.” (Mt. 24:29, Vetus Latina)

All this is the pretense of holiness, by those who will have been detected in their pretense by the saints. And when they are separated from [the saints], they are said to be “darkened” and to “fall.”

Clearly, “the Sun” and “the Moon” and “the stars” is the likeness of holiness — that is, hypocrisy and false religion. But one sees St. John placed them all in our heaven — that is, in the Church. For stars that are under heaven cannot see into the higher heaven where He called them in the beginning. This is done in the Church, in a way. In the last coming of the Antichrist, truly, the Moon that he says is “made blood,” the Church of the Saints, is shown to shed [her] blood for Christ. He says that “stars” fall — that is, the disturbed faithful.

In other words, same as any other day in the Church.

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