Anime Stuff I’m Watching

Here’s some shows I may be following this anime season. They’re mostly on

Btw, I gather that Nadia: Secret of Blue Water is airing on Hulu. If you like steampunk on the ocean, this is a must-see from the late 80’s-early 90’s.

The File of Young Kindaichi Returns: Mystery! Adventure! Intrigue! Teenage detectives! What more can you want on Saturday morning?

Captain Earth: A boy is destined to drive a mecha and defend the Earth. Yawn. Except this time, the familiar story is being told in a stylish, mysterious way that promises a lot of new excitement. The characters seem very real and involving, and it’s beautifully drawn.

Chaika: The Coffin Princess: In the year 1604 in an alternate world, a short Russian girl princess/wizard wanders the world with her magical giant gun, strapped on her back in a coffin-shaped case. She finds help from brother and sister saboteurs-for-hire. The first ep features a terrifying fight with a crazy unicorn.

Mushi-shi (continuation of the original series) If you like Japanese folklore and a setting in a slightly alternate present, this is your show. The mushi-shi is a sort of monster (mushi) wrangler who deals with supernatural problems. In the first episode, we learn about how much mushi love good sake. (Unfortunately I’ve never seen the original series, but hope to fix that.)

Fairy Tail Season 2: The continuing adventure of an all-mage guild in a world full of mages with strange powers. This year, we’re apparently heading up towards another apocalyptic war with/of dragons, and the guildmembers raised by dragons are obviously a bit perturbed about this….

Baby Steps: The tennis adventures of a grind with no life, who’s never played sports or had hobbies… until now. Actually very good at showing the mindset of over-preparers, especially the way people assume they’re “just smart” when often their real quality is insane perseverance at learning what’s hard for them. Obviously there is something to be said for this quality in athletics.

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro: The retro 1950’s/1960’s adventure of the strongest man in Japan — basically, John Henry as a slacker. He doesn’t even bother to graduate from school despite advanced years, works a bit on the side, and terrifies everybody he runs across while also helping an old man he likes. But his mother can’t support him and all his siblings forever. So he apparently finds a career as a sumo wrestler sometime after the first crazy episode, but will have to learn to take sumo seriously in order to win the love of his crush, the beautiful schoolteacher Minami. Features a gorgeous enka song duet for the opening themesong.

The World Is Still Beautiful: A teenage island princess with rain powers is to be married off to an Alexander-analog who’s conquered most of the world, in willing exchange for her tiny country’s continued sovereignty. But the princess was overly optimistic about her welcome and has sent her faithful retainers home, the Alexander-analog is barely pubescent, the emperor’s advisors want the princess dead, and the Sun Kingdom doesn’t really have much rain for the princess to have power over. However, she also has the gift of making friends, so maybe it will work out.

No Game, No Life: The adventures of a brother and sister team who never go to school, sleep as little as possible, and use games to hold off the problems of life. But they’re really good at games — so good that another world’s god comes to fetch them to his world where all status is controlled by playing games for stakes agreed by the players. Suddenly these nobody kids are on course to take over another world… and they have no desire to ever go home. A surprisingly dark show, for what’s admittedly wish-fulfillment fantasy.

Continuing from last season:

Yowamushi Pedal: The roadrace cycling adventures of a geek who’s always biked a lot for utilitarian reasons but didn’t think of it as a sport. Until now.

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time — comedy shorts about a schoolgirl who sits at the desk next to a boy who does crazy stuff. Just barely plausible stuff. It will make you feel that you wasted your time in school by being so uncreative… and whether the show’s artists were up to stuff like this.

There’s probably more stuff. Basically, I tend to watch some shows in batches or marathons, and other shows one-by-one.

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  1. JD Cowan

    Crunchyroll added classic Ashita no Joe 2 recently, I can only hope they add the first season soon enough.

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