Latin Vulgate Magically Turned into KJV by Louisiana Politician

Okay, so it’s probably both noble and misguided to name the Jean Prevel Bible held by the Louisiana State Museum as Louisiana’s “official state book.”

But then, the same guy who came up with the original idea, LA state Rep. Carmody, decided to change it so that any King James Version Bible would also count as Louisiana’s official state book.

The Jean Prevel edition of the Bible is a Latin Vulgate with Glossa Ordinaria notes based on the Venice 1495 edition printed by Albert D’ Castello, and text based on the best available Clementine “amended” versions of St. Jerome’s Vulgate and the Old Latin bits. It is French, brought from the old country, and represents Louisiana’s French Catholic heritage.

The KJV is a Protestant translation of the Bible into English that specifically rejects the traditional Jerome bits and the Clementine versions of the wording, translation, and glosses.


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