World’s Geekiest Patristics Paper

Doctor Who in the New Jerusalem: Time Travel, Incarnation and Recapitulation in Victorinus of Poetovio’s In Apocalypsin, by Zachary Esterson, Cardiff.

Alas, all that is currently available is an abstract.

Basically, Tichonius/Tyconius and all his followers (like Victorinus) like to talk a lot about the Bible’s use of recapitulation and various other forms of time-shifted narration, particularly in prophecies. The Book of Revelation is constantly going backwards and forwards from future history back to Jesus, or the whole span of salvation history, or Satan’s fall, or to Ezekiel and Daniel. There’s also a lot of stuff about how things said about one time can apply to all Christian times, or even to all times among the people of God. And there’s a lot of recapping, and there’s a lot of showing how church history repeats itself.

I assume that the abstract focuses on Victorinus and Origen because Victorinus is a lot more complete than any Tyconius fragment or reconstruction….

So anyway, it’s a lot more exciting to talk about time travel than to talk about recapping and cutting back to previous bits that are about to be recapped yet again, or talking about the same thing in different places, or different things in the same place. A clever idea for memorably presenting Victorinus’ teachings on Bible interpretation.

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