Babies as Fuel: BC and Oregon’s Moloch Connection

There’s no nice way to put this.

Remember the NHS hospitals in the UK that were burning human tissue bits for heating fuel? And that included aborted and miscarried babies, or even babies who’d died in the hospital after birth? And that any grieving parents were lied to, and told they’d been cremated? (To their credit, the NHS heads halted these practices as soon as the documentary about it was released.)

Well, it turns out that up in Canada, British Columbia’s Health Ministry has the same “clean and green” policy. But they don’t have an on-site Moloch furnace, so they ship their medical waste (including amputated limbs and dead baby bits) to the US, to Covanta Marion’s trashburning facility in Oregon. In lieu of money, they were paid in power — but of course, the actual dead-baby-electricity goes to the power grid shared by the US and Canada. And apparently, the BC health people are not bothered about it, either, or worried that it’s probably illegal in both countries to transport dead bodies over the border as waste.

However, the Marion County Board of Commissioners (Covanta Marion is run jointly by a company and the county) claims that they were “outraged and disgusted” to learn that it was being used as a human remains disposal facility. They thought it was just little bits of tissue from samples, not huge hunks of human flesh and bone and organs. So they’ve stopped accepting all BC medical waste. Meanwhile, the Covanta company claims that they didn’t know what was in the BC medical waste either, they were “shocked” to find out, and that they’re not going to accept any medical waste at all until this is cleared up. The medical waste was boxed and brought to the US by a company called Stericycle, which has refused to comment.

Oregon state law does permit all unborn fetuses to be considered medical waste, but Marion County’s commissioners say they sure as heck don’t. Canadian law doesn’t permit using human bodies of any kind for fuel, and the Oregon folks feel that they were being used by BC officials to evade Canadian law.

Via the MCJ.



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2 responses to “Babies as Fuel: BC and Oregon’s Moloch Connection

  1. The Lars Larson show had a guy on representing the folks who manage the burner.

    He sounded… like he’d been shocked, and disgusted, and horrified when he found out, and was now just sad, and tired, and soul-sick.

    Maybe he’s a great actor, but he sure seemed like he found this to be a Really Bad Thing.

  2. Michael S

    Stericycle is well known for its “waste” disposal, including aborted fetuses.

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