Saturday Morning Slow Jams

A nice showcase for the songwriting chops behind cartoon themes.

Here’s Duck Tales as R & B.

The same band does Postmodern Jukebox, a collection of modern songs done as vintage jazz and swing. I like their instrumentals, and the singers are workmanlike (or workwomanlike!).

But as usual with these experiments, I don’t believe the singers as vintage singers. For some reason, something usually rings false. It’s like they dress up and look picture perfect, but they haven’t internalized the era in themselves. Of course, this is probably more a function of making YouTube videos five seconds after the arrangement is done, rather than being a fair reflection of singers’ capabilities. The ladies doing R & B cartoon music have the luxury of just singing R & B.

The same singer who doesn’t convince for the 1940’s does a good job imitating doowop. (Although as usual, you can’t possibly picture the subject matter being treated that way at the time!) I think it’s a matter of being more relaxed. She’s a darn good singer when she relaxes and isn’t squinched up.

That said, Ashlee (who sings the Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers theme) sounds like a jazz singer from the 1920’s to 1940’s. Her range and approach is very similar to some of the greats. She should be doing that vintage stuff.


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