Galileo – Now on Crunchyroll!

Tantei Galileo (Detective Galileo), a fun live-action mystery series from Japan in 2007-2008, is now going to be available on Crunchyroll for legal viewing! (It’s been retitled Galileo for us overseas viewers.)

Yukawa Manabu is an internationally-known physicist. Kusanagi, his roommate from back at Tokyo University, became a police detective; and so Yukawa also works as a scientific consultant and sleuth, as chronicled in several short story collections and the first two Galileo mystery novels by Keigo Higashino. (The later books have been affected by events and characters from the TV show, which the writer apparently considers canon-ish.)

But the tv adaptation paired up Yukawa with Utsumi Kaoru, a newbie police detective from the same station where Kusanagi worked before he got promoted to headquarters. She’s a woman, shy, prickly, younger, and of much lower social station. (Which is why at first you see her bowing all the time to officers senior to her, which is pretty much everyone.) But she’s not eyecandy or comic relief; she runs the cases. Her passion for truth and justice pairs nicely with Yukawa’s more coldblooded approach to problems.

If you like a good traditional puzzle mystery that relies on logic, fact, and scientific principles, and if you like a mysterious atmosphere and interesting characters, you’ll like this show a lot.

The bad news is that there are only 10 episodes, and #4 is currently unavailable due to licensing problems. (Probably music issues again.) Non-premium members can watch the first three eps now, and the rest after August 7. The translation is well done, as usual for Crunchyroll.



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