“Kale of the Mountains”

Apparently the evil princess in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders did have a medieval legendary counterpart!

In Greece.

Kyra Kale tou Oreon, Lady Kale of the Mountains (pronounced Ka-le) was notoriously a mistress of magic and evil spirits. She lived off in the wilds away from human beings and was always up for causing fairy tale and folk tale trouble, back in the Middle Ages and even in stories today. Her legend may be descended from stories about Artemis.

Kale always bothered me in the original series, as it seemed like she was meant to stand for _something_ I wasn’t getting. So this pleases me.



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2 responses to ““Kale of the Mountains”

  1. Robert

    Never heard about it. Where did you dig it up?

    • It was in some anthropology/lit book about Greek ballads, laments, saints, etc. I’ll link it in a bit. The author was linking this folk tale Kale of the Mountains witch with St. Kale in an early medieval ballad (one of those Mary’s laments, where the Virgin Mary is minding her own business instead of going to Calvary – probably because of robber/execution ballads where Mom really doesn’t know her kid’s being hanged or whatever – and St. Kale is walking along the street and bitchily informs her that she’s failing her motherly duty, unbeknownst to Mary of course. So Mary faints, and then when they wake her up, she curses St. Kale to never have a church dedicated to her except in the middle of the sea, because of the way she broke the news.)

      Yep, ballad theology is not exactly that of the seminary. 🙂

      And yeah, probably it doesn’t have anything to do with the original show, but it was a pretty striking find. And the show Kale is nothing if not bitchy. 🙂

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